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  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion

Tile Extrusion Mold Die For PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion

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ABS, PP, PE, PC Moulds
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  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
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 Products Description
PVC Tile Extrusion Mold Die For Roof wavy board Making Machine Line
Mould material
2Cr13,3Cr13,3Cr17,3Cr17Nimo,D2316,S136,P20 as per your request
Various types
Mould cavity
1 or multi-cavity
Mould composition
Die head, aluminum heating bands, calibrators and water tank

Selectable co-extrusion of different raw materials: PVC WPC
Selectable technology: low-foaming, high-foaming & substance co-extrusion
Stable discharging, high efficiency, superior quality
Mould will be tested to get the satisfied sample before delivery
Provide complete set of production process and technology transfer service
Lead time
35-40 days
Wooden case for exporting, each mould will be cleaned before packaging
Architecture decorative panel; wall panel;Shutter; landscape construction
Die Head
The extrusion die head design: Use the removable positioning device, making it easier to disassemble. Precise material flow
control and stable extrusion. The hidden heating design has increased the brightness of the product surface. The special balance
of the pressure holes has lowered the rejection rate.
Semi-Automatic PET Bottle Blowing Machine Bottle Making Machine Bottle Moulding Machine PET Bottle Making Machine is suitable for
producing PET plastic containers and bottles in all shapes.
Water Tank
Extrusion cooling design: Double vacuum system promotes the molding. The combination design of eddy current and spray makes it
cools fast.. The self-adjusting water tank panels are easy to adjust. The stainless steel frame type system can prevent damage.
The special influent distribution gives it a cooling balance.

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  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
  • PVC ABS Roof Tile Board Custom Extrusion
Why choose us?

Hubei TianRui Plastic Mould Co., Ltd is a professional mould manufacturer with 3000 square meters workshop and 60 skilled technical workers. Hubei Tianrui Company has accumulated over 18 years of experience in the technology of extrusion mould. From mould designing, production to commissioning, we have cultivated a mature team of personals. Tianrui Company applys the high-pressure low-turbulence design in the product development and production. The combination of formulation process, production operation, equipments and moulds makes the products achieve the best results.Our company regularly sends technical personnel to study abroad, and actively introduces foreign advanced technology to research new products.
Commissioning and after-sales service of mould: mould debugging is one of the most important aspects to ensure the quality of the mould. The Company is equipped with a mould debugging center. The advanced extrusion production line and the simulation of extrusion process conditions for initial commissioning have provided a guarantee for qualified mould before it leaves the factory.

Advantages of TianRui Mould: We are a professional extrusion mould manufacture in China with 15 years of mould manufacturing experience. We have cultivated a mature personnel team of extrusion mould. Able to provide our customers with whole set of service from mould designing, producing to testing..

Baseboard mould, Door frame mould, The fastest delivery time can be within 7 days.

Value-added services of Hubei TianRui Mould:
Comprehensive cost control service;
Mould designing service;
Emergency manufacturing delivery service:;
Mold debugging Service;
Customer production training service;

Our goal:continuous innovation, the pursuit of excellence.
Our spirit: professional, efficient and integrity.
Our style: fast, precise and durable.

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