Wide Panel Mould
PE + wood powder WPC mould
PVC + wood powder WPC mould
UPVC Window and Door Profile Mould
Pipe Mould
Color Co-extrusion/ Multi-material Co-extrusion Mould
UPVC Profile Mould
Multi-cavity High Speed Mould
Foaming Mould
ABS, PP, PE, PC, PMMA Moulds
Production Machine
Soft PVC Extrusion Mould
  • Cable Duct Trunking extrusion die
  • Cable Duct Trunking extrusion die
  • Molding frame extrusion mould/tooling for PVC WPC foam frame
  • PP toolhouse board Outdoor Moulds
  • Upvc Window Frame Profiles Extrusion Mould
  • Molding manufacturer PVC water channel plastic mould maker

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  • What is the value -added and after-sales services of mold?

    1. One year warranty, lifetime paid service;
    2. Comprehensive cost control service;
    3. Mould designing service;
    4. Emergency manufacturing delivery service;
    5. Mold debugging Service;
    6. Customer production training service.

  • What is the mold producing process?

    1. Business Negotiation: Discussion on mold design, drawings making, mold performance and other aspects
    2. Quote: including mold price, volume, weight, accessories composition, delivery etc.
    3. Sign Contract: agreed payments, production cycle, delivery period, etc.
    4. Production Arrangements: determine drawings, deliver the deposit, prepare materials
    5. Mold making and processing
    6. Mold assembly inspection
    7. Mold debugging
    8 . Mold debugging sample test
    9. Package and delivery

  • What is the structure of mold ?

    The mold structure consists of five parts:
    1. Extrusion die head,
    2 Extrusion calibrator design
    3 Extrusion cooling design
    4 Heating plates
    5 Calibrating plates
    Different products have different requirements for the cavity number of die head and segment number of calibrator.

  • How long is the delivery time?

    45 working days ( Except on holidays, the rest of the total price be paid before delivery)